Its time to revise and practice. If you need selected questions chapterwise which are of IIT (Mains) level, then check out the links given below

Vuln!! Path it now!! Vuln!! Path it now!!

These three simple tips were GAME CHANGERS for me: Have A Plan Seriously can’t stress this enough. For a productive study session, you can not go into it cold turkey. You must have a list of things you wish to Read more…

In the months of January what you really want is to practice some previous year questions. Here is the collection of previous year questions of various exams. Please attempt the question by timing your self. Click here to download for Read more…

Answered by Mukkul Shrivastava It depends on which category of student you really are. I think there are 5 types of Indian students. 1 Last night fighter How he studies

Answer by Arti Gupta: Let us assume that you have a long chapter to study. You could try the following method- Glance the major topics in the chapter

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