How do Indian students study?

Answered by Mukkul Shrivastava

It depends on which category of student you really are. I think there are 5 types of Indian students.

1 Last night fighter

How he studies – He is a common student, who does all kinds of activities year around, except studying. But given the last night before exam, you will see a sudden transformation from a nonchalant relaxed mode to a super serious geek mode, for only one night although. Although his results not always guarantee success, he will still never study earlier than last night. However, he always promises to start early the next time, but his nonchalant attitude would not let him start early.

2. The planner

How he studies – He is the master planner. His plan begins with splitting his subjects from 30 days before exams, hence making a perfect looking Time Table. However, after 10 more days, due to non-performance, he splits up the subjects for a 20 day schedule. This goes on. Planning according to time is his forte, however implementing the plan could be a challenge for him.

3. The compromiser

How he studies – He is the easily distracted student with multiple hobbies. For him studies is important, but not at the expense of his time pass. Therefore, he makes a deal with himself before studying. For example, he will study one chapter and then watch one movie or a Youtube video,etc.

4. The hard worker

How he studies – He is the ideal student as described by teachers. He might be teachers favorite, but hated by his class mates, until the last week of the exams, where his Note book is highly demanded for getting photocopied. He is usually the serious guy who will likely top the exams.

5. The smart worker

How he studies – He is relaxed and stress free, but sets his priorities right in time. He will switch off his phone during exams, because he knows few days of studies will cover up for his fun filled outing throughout the year. He also does smart study, i.e, he will mark out the important Questions before starting his preparation.

Which type of a student are you?

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